How to have a successful Wedding dress shopping experience.

So, you’re engaged and the time has finally come to buy your wedding dress. For some brides the thought fills them with excitement, for others it fills them with dread.

If like most brides we know, you’ve probably already dedicated a photo gallery on your phone purely to wedding dresses you’ve seen and love,  Every bride is different but we can give you some tips on how to make your wedding dress shopping an experience you’ll remember without the overwhelm.

1)Have an idea of your style. It’s always good to have a look at your own wardrobe to get an idea of which styles you’re drawn to. It’s good to go into your appointment with some idea but this doesn’t have to set in stone. Look at necklines, details the cut of dresses you may have, or if it’s separates you prefer.

2)Do your research. If you have a particular style or designer in mind, make sure you’re visiting boutiques that reflect your style. As tempting as it might be to shop local to where you live, don’t be afraid to go a little further afield if local boutiques don’t represent your style or choice of designer.

3) Keep your entourage small. Don’t feel obliged to bring everyone with you. Most boutiques limit the numbers of guests you bring(mainly due to space) but also because there may be too many opinions flying around. Remember the dress you’ll be wearing is for you and nobody else. Shopping alone is always a great idea also and we’ve had many brides come along to their appointment on their own because they trust their own judgment. If however you feel you need extra support then bring people who are honest(without being rude), who’s opinion you trust and who bring out the best in you.

4)Don’t shop too much! We cannot stress this enough, pick 2 or 3 shops you want to visit and keep it at that. Shopping endlessly is not the best thing to do. We’ve seen brides who have visited 10 or 11 boutiques and they become “dress blind” and it will start to ruin their experience. Keeping open minded is a bonus but if you’ve already decided on what your bridal style is (see above) selecting a couple of boutiques that reflect this is the way forward. Visiting too many places with varying styles will just start to confuse you leaving you overwhelmed.

5)Be ready to say yes. We see so many brides who almost say yes but stop themselves, it’s on the tip of their tongue but something stops them….What’s that? The fact they cant accept they’ve found the one, the fact the shopping experience will be over or that there may still be something out there that they’ve no seen ….The fact is there are thousands of dresses out there, and yes potentially there will always be another dress, but as raised in point 4, shopping too much, endlessly searching is good for nobody. Trust your gut. Once you’ve found the one you’ll know. You’ll feel relaxed, confident, comfortable and look incredible. Take the plunge and say yes and don’t be afraid if it’s the first place you’ve visited. The fun carries on as you will have your collection appointment for YOUR dress, then your fitting appointments with your seamstress. Then wearing it on your special day when you reveal it to all your family and friends and your other half.


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