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About The Real Wedding Collective

It’s all about love!

We are sisters Sadie & Carrie, nice to meet you!

We love, love. We love weddings. We are a relaxed luxury bridal boutique for the modern, fashion forward bride who is looking for the wow factor. By giving you an exceptional, personal service, creating the best experience for your journey into buying your perfect designer wedding gown.

With that in mind, it’s so important to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable on your special day.

As a luxury bridal boutique, we cater for most styles and budgets and give you a personal and relaxed experience in finding your dream wedding dress. Welcoming you into our luxury bridal boutique, we give you our full attention helping you to find a dress that truly lets your personality shine through.

This business has been in the pipeline for years, but life and time got in the way. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do as we both love fashion and a bloomin’ good wedding.

In the middle of the pandemic, we both re-evaluated everything and decided now was the right time to pursue the dream of owning our very own luxury bridal boutique.

Carrie, working within the hair and make-up industry has been involved in the wedding sector for over 20 years. Sadie’s background is numbers, working as an accountant she’s the number cruncher but is also a massive fashionista!

We’re both lovers of fashion, a well-cut dress and Sadie’s love for shoes, bags and accessories is something else. But we also both appreciate how confident you can feel in the right outfit.

We now also have an extensive collection of bridesmaids dresses from Rewritten and the award winning dress designer Onlyway Multiway Bridesmaids.

Sample Sizes

Our sample dresses in store can be ordered from a size 6-32. Our sample sizes we carry range from a size 10-18 the average size being a 12 and 14

Bridal Dressing Service

Have Carrie come to your venue to dress you on your special day.

Take the stress out of your big day and let the bridal party get ready at their leisure while Carrie takes care of perfectly dressing you on your wedding day.

Bridal dressing service comprises of my time for 2 hours. Dress steaming, especially the train, and assisting the bride carefully into her dress, making sure all layers of the dress are perfectly smoothed before walking down the aisle. Any other last minute issues can be taken care of for example stain removal in case there’s any mishaps, and a sewing kit to reattach any loose buttons.

Service Costs
£100 + mileage costs
Travel Costs
Travel to the venue from the boutique and back again, so total mileage covered @£1 per mile, for example; 10 miles would be £10
Additional Costs
£50 steaming of the bridesmaids dresses and assisting bridesmaids into dresses.
Note: Brides who have booked with Carrie for Hair and Make-up will be able to get the dressing service at a discounted price. Please speak to Carrie direct.

To book this service please contact Carrie stating your wedding date, destination and time of your wedding.

Please note, not all dates will be available so it’s advisable to book in advance to secure your preferred date and avoid disappointment. Payment is required at time of booking and is non refundable if cancelled.

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